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The sheer variety of symbols and artefacts in use across the ages and geographies does not necessarily point to a multitude of assumptions and values from which they spring. The study of mythology and folklore then, is a reverse approach to anthropology. This blog is dedicated to my favourite symbols, tales and artefacts - both ancient and contemporary.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dialogy... Amrit Jami

My illustrious, diligent and talented friend Amrit Jami (better known by variations of his surname) once had a status msg that quoth
"jaage hain ... soaae nahin..."
Being jobless myself, I sought an explanation. Here's what ensued ...

me: to ab soo jao
11:07 Jami: he he
 me: y did u stay awake?
 Jami: i was workin
  on somethin
 me: hmm
11:08 u got some sort of magic power
  u were properly awake in afm
 Jami: arre
  dis is my fav subject
  how can i sleep
 me: mine 2
11:09 but i slept thru anyway
 Jami: he he
 me: maybe i need more practice
 Jami: no
  u jus need 2 focus
 me: well get some rest
 Jami: sleep
  is always under ur control
 me: m doing the same
11:10 Jami: u jus need 2 hold ur mind
 me: i doubt that
 Jami: jus dont let it stop thinkin
  and u wont fall asleep
  d moment u let it stop
  u sleep
 me: u r telling me the secret of atibala
  m going to post this on my blog
11:11 chow
 Jami: atibala?
 me: it's a mantra that vishwamitra taught to rama and lakshmana
  whi;le they were helping him
11:12 it enables one to be healthy without sleep
 Jami: ok
 me: they were taught another mantra
 Jami: see
 me: it's called bala
11:13 Jami: one doesnt need 2 read all mythology 2 know it
 me: guess its power
  i know
  just my preferred way
11:16 Jami: he he
  predferred way

My insomnia and ensuing somnolence in AFM class had got me thinking of the Ramayana. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of starting a series on it. So thank you Amrit for inspiring me, and get well soon (He's got a backache).

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