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The sheer variety of symbols and artefacts in use across the ages and geographies does not necessarily point to a multitude of assumptions and values from which they spring. The study of mythology and folklore then, is a reverse approach to anthropology. This blog is dedicated to my favourite symbols, tales and artefacts - both ancient and contemporary.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What would you wish for?

Me: I believe, that the things that belong to me and the people that belong with me will find their way to me eventually, and I to them. I have nothing to wish for.

Him: You may not wish to acquire, but you might want to reject some things and people. Wouldn’t you wish for that choice?

Me: I don’t believe in duality, dear friend. Darkness in my opinion, isn’t even the absence of light – it is just the inability to see it.

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MangoManBunty said...

Isn't that as well a duality in itself?