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The sheer variety of symbols and artefacts in use across the ages and geographies does not necessarily point to a multitude of assumptions and values from which they spring. The study of mythology and folklore then, is a reverse approach to anthropology. This blog is dedicated to my favourite symbols, tales and artefacts - both ancient and contemporary.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Many scriptures and other profound writings in the past have been presented in a Dialogue format - most notably the Bhagavat Gita. I too propose to adopt something similar here. Here's an excerpt of a chat between my sister and me. (I think the world of my sister, and I may be excused for it)

21:00 Aritri: love s nt done lik buisness
  neway kp it ur way
21:01 me: i agree
  but love is something that should make u rise
  not fall
  true love increases one's powers
  remember kikio
 Aritri: i noe
  nice :)
21:02 me: she was lost in inu yasha's thoughts
  her rival priestess thought that falling in love made her spiritualy weak
  and attacked her
21:03 but in spite of being lost in thought
  she not only repelled the attack nonchalantly
  but also practically destroyed the enemy priestess
  this example is etched into my mind
21:04 and u must remember it too
  i don't know if m in love
  in fact m trying to find out if m capable of such a thing
  but i care for these ppl
21:05 i think so atleast
  and probably that's something like loove too
  coz it inspired me to apply those fundas
  which i didn't even know properly abt
21:06 that's all
  temme what u think
21:08 Aritri: bravo
  m amazed
  u inspire me
  pls blog this thingy up
 me: no way
21:09 will be teased to no end
 Aritri: arey
  pls blog it up
  man dis s wat ppl
  die 2 hear read
  dey need dis clearance didi
  do sum social service

So, upon her request, I narrate this excerpt from a famous Japanese Manga storyline.

"Once upon a time, the world was inhabited by humans and demons. The latter came in all shapes and sizes, and like humans, in all personality types. Those who were kind and good sometimes fell in love with humans, and raised mixed families. Those who meant no good to any creature were slain by monks/nuns and priest(esse)s.

We talk of a time when there existed a Sacred Jewel (history and name irrelevant to us now), guarded fiercely by our heroine, a priestess named Kikio. Evil demons and humans sought this artefact with equal enthusiasm, for all the reasons typical to such fairy tales.

But one fine day, an exceptional individual came to seek the stone. Born of a human mother and a demon father, he had had a tough time growing up. Neither the humans nor the demons would accept him, and his mixed blood had unusual properties (not of interest here). Sick of being in no-man's land (no-demon's land, actually), he sought the powers of the Jewel to turn into a fully fledged demon. Meet the hero, Inu Yasha.
Well, needless to say, they met. Also needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Strictly speaking, priestesses differ from nuns (in the Japanese form of Buddhism) in that they are ascetics - they can't get married. So this was, sort of, bad news in a lot of respects.

So, word got out. A rival priestess (name both irrelevant and difficult), who was evil, btw, decided that the time was ripe to wipe Kikio out. Assumption was, since the priestess has fallen in love, her spiritual powers have weakened.

So one evening, when Lady Kikio sat on the riverbank, contemplating her beloved, our villainess struck. Too bad for her though. For the thing is, losing herself in his thought had made Kikio 4 times more alert, and 10 times more powerful, and with a casual flick of her bow (she was always armed), she not only deflected the aforementioned attack, but wiped the villainess out.


Ignorant as I may be of many things, I do believe that being in love magnifies one's powers, and this tale is one of my favourite examples.


swati said...

I has both... rise and fall..a fall makes a rise more soaring and exhilarating..

Richa said...

Nicely blended post n example. Keep up the good work :)

do or die said...

Ur knowledge bout things is touching and so are ur stories. I cant imagine how many people might be envying u for this. I do.. Keep up the good work..

Soumya said...

Why isn't naraku in the Picture ?? :P
BTW excellent work ^_^

Shreeks said...

gr8 work

Anand said...

Thought provoking

riddhi deb said...

nice work:)

Ishita said...

Thank you all for your appreciation. Do take a look at my previous posts, and comment on the same.